Background & Philosophy
Legal Heritage & Education
Some examples of the legal services
which can and often must be performed in
civil litigation are described as follows:
  • Consultation with authorized personnel & making decisions as to revisions in documentation to reduce costs of
    litigation, what claims to pursue & how to pursue them including setting up & monitoring small claims procedure in

  • Investigation of problem situations and location and resources of adversary

  • Written demand & follow up

  • Pre Litigation Settlement Negotiations

  • Presuit assessment of probable fees and expenses and probability of success

  • Preparation and filing of petition, letter soliciting settlement, requests for disclosures, admissions and production
    and interrogatories

  • Secure service of process- citations (State courts) or summons (Federal courts) issued by clerk:             
  • Continental United States: certified mail, process server or Secretary of State
  • Foreign Countries: Letters Rogatory, process server or Secretary of State

  • Pretrial Motions
  • Objection to jurisdiction- special appearance
  • Response to Special Appearance
  • Petition for Removal from State to Federal Court
  • Response to Petition for Removal and Motion to Remand to State Court
  • Objection to venue in State Court- Motion to Transfer Venue
  • Response to Motion to Transfer Venue
  • to retain case on docket
  • for default judgment
  • for summary judgment
  • in Limine to limit opponent's evidence at trial

  • Discovery:
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Online research
  • Production & duplication of documents
  • Depositions

  • Trial preparation

  • Trial

  • Appeal
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